Widely-popular brand in Adana, Komcero Ayakkabı introduced 2700 new products to 180 dealers including domestic and foreign in publicity and dealers meetings held in Antalya. KomceroAyakkabı, the internationally-known brand from Adana, introduced its 2015-2016 winter products to its dealers. 180 dealers both national and international in total ordered new models in the presentation held in Barut Hotel, Kundu Region in Antalya. In the public meeting held in KunduBarut Hotel and lasted for 4 days, 2700 products were displayed for dealers. The General Manager Vedat Selek told, "The fact that our products are the center of interest for dealers motivates us to work harder and create a much wider range of products." 


Bringing its 180 national and international dealers especially from Belgium, Germany, Russia, England, and The Netherlands under the same roof in a hotel in Antalya, Komcero displayed 2700 different shoes of the future winter season for these dealers' taste. The dealers loved the products each of which was different from the other and gave a lot of orders. After the success of the 4-day long display, the plant in Adana started the production process immediately to meet the demands. Stating that they held the 5th publicity and order meeting, Vedat Selek told the followings:

"We are producing different style shoes throughout the year for the display. We have a talk with our 180 national and international dealers inform them about products and take their orders one by one. As Komcero, we are aware of our position in the footwear sector. We work hard. We use good quality materials and manufacture shoes in Europe and worldwide standards. We are confident about the quality of our products. Our dealers are also satisfied with our products. For this reason, it is difficult for us to meet the demands instantly."

Informing that they export 30% of their products, Komcero General Manager Vedat Selek told "We always manufacture without sacrificing quality. Our prices are also better than our competitors. We make shoes with good prices and high quality." The Manager of Komcero Purchase Department ErtanÖzdemir explained that their brand named Dr. Jells which they manufacture for diabetic patients has gained attention not only in Turkey but also worldwide.

Underlining the fact that Dr. Jells gained importance thanks to its comfort, Özdemir added "Dr. Jells increases the blood circulation through the massaging technique during sitting and walking positions thanks to the flexible springs on its sole. This takes the load off the feet. At the same time, the product gives the dirty and hot air entrained in the shoes off through the air channels on the sole. Komcero shoes do not produce any humidity or bacteria on the feet. Suggested by the experts to the diabetic patients, the shoes offer high mobility capacity thanks to the flexible soles. The shoes also make people who have to stand for long times feel less exhausted and less pain."