Contrary to the common belief, the health of our feet deserves special importance in our lives.

People who stand for a long time or who don't wear suitable shoes start to feel pain in feet. Although comfortable footwear increases the easiness of a person's life in any case, there is no such function in standard shoes.

Manufacturing shoes in Adana, Komcero Ayakkabı developed a new model named "Orthopedic Massage System" for a more comfortable walk. The shoe increases the blood circulation through the massaging technique during sitting and walking positions thanks to the flexible springs on its sole and takes the load off the feet. At the same time, the product gives the dirty and hot air entrained in the shoes off through the air channels on the sole. Komcero shoes do not produce any humidity or bacteria on the feet. Suggested by the experts to the diabetic patients, the shoes offer high mobility capacity thanks to the flexible soles. The shoes which make people who have to stand for long times feel less exhausted and less pain were registered as "Utility Model" by Turkish Patent Institution.

Stating that they developed their new product with "Orthopedic Massage System" as a result of one and half year long R&D studies, Komcero official Vedat Selek expressed that the shoe sole has got 82 massaging springs. The springs which are made of rubber, the most flexible and insulating material, are produced out of soft stuff and added "the shoe is heat and cold proof and its inner parts are also made of 100% natural leather. Therefore, the blood circulation in the body accelerates thanks to the pressure it makes to the toes through air-conditioning and springs on the soles.

Orthopedist and Traumatology Specialist Dr. Salih Şentürk stated that the air gaps in the sole of Komcero's new shoes made of a special rubber balance the load distribution during walking and running. Expressing that the shoes are very healthy since they are made of rubber to prevent feet from sweating and give a sense of comfort, Şentürk added "It is important to check if the foot is stuck while taking a step and to what extent the sole grasps the foot. It is not true that every expensive shoe is healthy. The shoes provide a perfect environment for sweating and athlete's food. It is very important to question whether the sole takes the air or not.


Komcero Ayakkabı brings various models it has been creating since 1962 together with the consumers every season. Recently, the company has made several innovations in terms of utility models by increasing its investments on R&D studies day by day. Producing roughly 1400 footwear daily, the company also continues its export activities. Widening its product range every season, Komcero produces more than 1600 footwear models.