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Groundbreaking publicity from Komcero

Widely-popular brand in Adana, Komcero Ayakkabı introduced 2700 new products to 180 dealers including domestic and foreign in publicity and dealers meetings held in Antalya.

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The World's Footwear Industry Give up Italy and Lean to Turkey

AYMOD CNR EXPO, the second biggest fair in its own kind, will continue until the 10th October, at Yeşilköy.

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The Footwear Industry meets at the Fair

The 53rd CNR AYMOD, the International Fashion Fair, was held in CNR Expo Yeşilköy on 15-18 April.

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Komcero Manufactures Orthopedic Shoes with Massage System

Contrary to the common belief, the health of our feet deserves special importance in our lives.

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